METRON combines industrial process data collection with specific on-site information, to unlock the power of real time energy data and provide an unprecedented insight of energy consumption.


We track the flow of energy from its source through consumption

Our aim is to define the per-unit energy cost and transform energy into a high added value asset included on the Bill of Materials (BoM) of each product. With METRON’s environment, the energy manager can :

  • Capture detailed energy consumption.
  • Manage and audit energy usage, to highlight performance or peak loading.
  • Assess profitable project opportunities of energy efficiency.

This platform allows METRON and energy managers, to remain committed to delivering measurable savings.


Our models are a set of smart exploration tools to visualise and analyse energy consumption according to heterogeneous influencing factors.
We give to energy managers better understanding of non-intuitive variances and their causing factors.

Moreover we can highlight weighting influences as primary vectors of energy optimisation.


Through the Predictive Analytics application, the customer can forecast its energy uptake with different scales (daily, monthly, yearly, quaterly…). METRON builds predictive scenarios by stressing existing energy models.

Our energy data-driven specialists can create optimisation approaches by analysing energy consumption ; always taking into account the customer’s industrial expertise and requirements. Through optimised scenarios, we are able to identify viable projects to reduce energy resources.

Every money saved on energy cost is money added to the client’s bottom line. Thus efficiency through energy optimisation is embedded in profitability and sustainability