METRON helps Energy Managers defining key indicators and creating business drivers for corporate perspective & provides them a decision making tool:

METRON solution is ISO 50 001 Compliant, an universal framework for energy management systems.


METRON platform addresses untapped savings potential within the industrial process and unleashes positive cash flows for the core business. METRON delivers what is most important for its clients : tangible savings on the energy bill locked in a contractual commitment.

METRON makes a commitment on the savings

The savings potential of an industrial site can be closely assessed by running optimised scenarios on METRON platform.

We provide energy efficiency projects where savings are either guaranteed at a minimum level or shared for a pre-determined length of time.

METRON energy specialists are CMVP certified and our platform, which provides automated analysis and real time energy management, is IPMVP compliant, hence the perfect tool for monitoring achieved savings.

Guaranteed savings

METRON guarantees a minimum amount of energy savings. The client makes fixed payments for the project.

Shared savings

Cost savings are split between the client and METRON for a pre-determined length of time in accordance with a pre-arranged percentage. The client pays for the project accordingly to actual energy savings.


While more than 60% of energy efficiency projects are not completed because of budget, METRON makes financing easy by proposing a wide range of financing options. Our work goes from providing estimates and quotes to arranging the whole financing.

The concept of energy efficiency finance is quite straightforward : capital investments are funded upfront and subsequently repaid from energy cost savings. This approach has many advantages for industrial energy end-users :

• They typically do not provide upfront capital which means that energy efficiency finance is possible even with tight budgets.

• Moreover, energy efficiency finance is designed to be cash flow positive from day 1, i.e. actual repayments are smaller than achieved cost savings. Hence such projects can be highly profitable with IRR levels competing with other core business investments!