Every industrial site has already a huge amount of untapped energy data. While numerous energy management applications and energy efficiency measures are available, the major challenges for Smart Industries are :

  • Solving interoperability issues between existing legacy Energy Management systems.
  • Mastering Big Data concepts for Energy savings.
  • Providing seamless bi-directional links to external platforms such as energy markets, weather forecast and others.

METRON provides a fully Interoperable Platform to manage your Big Energy Data & drive the convergence of energy management and profitability.

We want to transform massive data into actionable insights


The Energy Intelligente Platform of METRON is an environment for data manipulation. Energy Models and Predictive Analysis are just two applications from METRON’s Hypervisor using Big Data concepts to churn you Energy Data and dramatically reduce the global Energy bill!

Our ‘Energy as a Service’ (EaaS) unique approach will provide you with the latest updates and state-of-the-art technologies to suit your global energy management needs.