16 February 2018

METRON develops partnerships with aggregators

For METRON, one of the ways of converting energy into a profit centre for its industrial clients is to be surrounded by French and International aggregators: […]
16 February 2018

The Maïsadour group values part of its energy on the market

The METRON’s artificial intelligence platform allows several of the industrial sites of the agro-food company Maïsadour to participate in the various Demand Response mechanisms of the […]
16 February 2018

Control-command, key for the efficiency of Industry 4.0

The Demand Response mechanism operated with our aggregator partners is based on control system technology. The connected installations are automatically controlled in real time in order […]
1 February 2018

Let’s meet at E-World, February 6-8, 2018

E-World is a key event to showcase innovative solutions for the energy supply of the future – from generation, through distribution and storage to retail, efficiency and […]
6 November 2017

METRON confirms its international ambitions with the acquisition of the Italian company L’ENERGIE (Press Release)

METRON, the energy intelligence scale-up, announces the acquisition of L’ENERGIE, an energy services company specialising in the industrial sector in northern Italy. This acquisition is part […]
9 May 2017

New partnership with ENOVA in Middle East !

METRON announces the signature of a partnership with ENOVA (Group VEOLIA) aiming at developing new markets towards Middle East !  PRESS RELEASE 
11 April 2017

Web conference 21/04 – Turn your untapped energy data into profit centers !

As an Energy Efficiency Operator, METRON has created its own Industry 4.0 platform exploited to optimize the energy of industrial plants by Data Analysis.  Aware that industries are already generating and collecting a huge […]