To turn Energy Efficiency from a static, reactive process into a dynamic, proactive strategy.


Energy becomes something tangible – an asset that companies can measure, manage, procure and sell.

Major trends are :

  • Increasing usage of cheaper and Energy aware intelligent sensors through mesh networks in industries.
  • Enhanced web capabilities are making energy consumption engaging and actionable.
  • Econometrics and energy-metrics are boosting predictive analytics allowing companies to find hidden trends amidst the troves of data in their facilities and in the energy markets.
  • The latest breakthroughs in Information Technologies and Networks are disrupting the traditional Energy sector bringing unprecedented levels of intelligence into Energy data manipulation.
  • Energy is now information-driven with a high degree of granularity.

Key levers for Energy Intelligence (IE) :

  • Virtual mapping of energy used in industrial processes and leveraging patterns and models through industrial segments.
  • Big data analytics for companies to be predictive and proactive in energy efficiency – interacting with energy optimisation models.
  • Access to protocol agnostic cloud platforms linking the energy efficiency and energy management markets, responding to very dynamic offering.
  • Improving Project performance, building trust on savings expected and creating new opportunities for energy projects through the latest real-time and bi-directional technologies.
  • Opening access to energy information, strengthening the relationship between utilities and their industrial customers and improving choices on sustainable economic development and introduction of smart grid concepts.


Providing an innovative contracting approach along the following areas.

METRON Solutions® Basic

Energy efficiency without any investment Energy performance Contracts on a “Shared Savings” or “Guaranted Savings” basis.

METRON Solutions® Invest

Energy efficiency with investmentEnergy performance Contracts on a “Shared Savings” or “Guaranted Savings” basis.

METRON Solutions® DR

Demand / ResponseEnd to End solution for Electric load management to maximise value during periods of peak demand or high market prices.

METRON Solutions® EP

Energy ProcurementProcurement optimisation solutions to mitigate price risk and buy energy as cost-effectively.

Energy Intelligent Platform as a Service

A unique Platform that unlocks Energy Intelligence to tackle true energy efficiency.

Through the use of the latest Big Data Technologies, this environment provides unparalleled insights into non-intuitive energy projects and investments.