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We provide digital tools to accelerate your path to efficiency 

Our unique AI, supported by Machine Learning and ontologies, is fully context-aware and provides unrivaled insight into energy usage. METRON-EVA®, the "Energy Virtual Assistant", collaborates with experts on energy intelligence strategies.

The platform seamlessly connects to all your data in real time. Energy knowledge bases and Data Science are used to digitalize your factory. 


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A global solution for industrial multi-site groups 

Our Operational Energy Management System will help you build up an Energy-Optimized Factory.

Our AI simulates and predicts your energy patterns to detect optimization opportunities. METRON-EVA®, Energy Virtual Assistant, collaborates with your teams and helps you implement the best scenarios.







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METRON is commited to constant innovation & improvement and is actively engaged in R&D. Our solution combines technology 4.0 such as BIg Data & Artificial Intellingence  and human expertise of energy engineers.

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On top of collecting and harmonising our data, the solution and its AI detect new energy optimisations on a continuous basis. As a result, we easily received ISO50001 and time of the return on our investment was very short.

Nicolas Dotal – Energy Manager

METRON-EVA® Factory is a platform solution, which is ergonomic and easy for every-day use of our operational teams

Jean-Baptiste Debure - Maintenance Manager

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DANONE - Food and beverage 

Process and utility optimization - Sterilization, cleaning and steam network


1M€/year in steam consumption
1M€/year of electricity consumption


Process: Recommendations to optimize the consumption of the cleaning and UHT sterilization processes without impacting production. Real-time monitoring of the impact of actions.

Steam: Modelling of the entire network and automatic detection of consumption drifts due to defective steam traps.

150K€ per year

10% of energy savings


Optimization of a utility - Compressed air


1M€ / year for energy consumption of the compressors
Consumption 13GWh / year


Optimization of the sequencing of the 6 variable and fixed speed compressors
Dynamic model that adjusts as soon as a new air flow rate is requested

80K€ per year

8% of savings


Optimization of a utility - Superheated water


30 GWh of thermal energy consumption / year


Predictive recommendations to the operator to optimize the management of superheated water distribution circuits

6% per year 

of savings


Process optimization - Electric arc furnace


92 GWh / year


Modeling of the furnace
Real-time operator alerted on the optimum time to stop the arc between each batch, in order to reduce energy consumption without slowing down the production rate

200K$ per year



Process optimization - Paper bleaching


65 GWh / year, 25% of the plant's total energy consumption


Paper machine modeling to reduce chemical consumption for paper bleaching
Operators receive real-time recommendations on the optimal dosage of the bleaching product

225K$ per year

without investment or impact on the production


Process optimisation - Smelting furnace


Most energy-intensive device on site
Annual energy consumption > 100 GWh


Detect the most influential flexible parameters on consumption
Recommendations of optimal operational parameters given in real time to operators

400K€ per year

7,5% of energy savings
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