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Edison and METRON partner to reduce the energy consumption of italian industries thanks to AI.

Edison and METRON launch Edison Analytics powered by METRON, a digital offering that leverages existing data sources in Italian industries to identify energy optimization opportunities with savings of [...]


Two asian giants, NTT FACILITIES & SK GAS, seek France's METRON technology

METRON, the French Cleantech company that digitalizes factories to reduce their energy consumption by 4 to 15%, has signed two strategic partnerships with NTT FACILITIES, part of the NTT Group, and th [...]

Iron & Steel

How ArcelorMittal saved €340k by optimizing Energy Management?

ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel and mining company, was looking at optimizing the energy management of an Industeel factory in France. 


Easy way towards industrial Energy Management 4.0

Did you know industrials can cut their energy bills by 4-15% using only data without impacting the quality and quantity of their output? Non-intuitive industrial optimization is the answer, digitizati [...]


The energy performance of industry is everyone's business

The notion of energy performance has gradually been extended from the purchase of energy to the use of industrial tools and utilities. Today, the energy performance project goes beyond optimising the [...]


METRON joins the Parental Act

Equality between women and men is a goal that will be achieved when we take action rather than simply making proclamations. We, entrepreneurs and managers, believe that our companies have a historic r [...]