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Energy Efficiency

Decarbonization - Energy - Industry

Mexican Regulations, the Pilar to Boost Industrials' Energy Transition

Mexico faces enormous energy challenges and multiple national and international climate change related commitments as a result of the 2013 energy reform and the ratification of the Paris Agreement. 


Energy Efficiency

Matthieu Vivier - Digitalization

[Interview] Understanding the role of digitalization in industry

For any manufacturer engaged in digital transition, the digitalization of energy is an issue of key importance. But what does this area cover? What role does the conversion of physical data into actio [...]


[Opinion] The Future of Industry is Digital, but also Human

While the digital transformation seems to be about technologies, in reality it is about people and how relationships mutate because of it. Discover with William Mejia, General Manager at METRON Colomb [...]

Compressed air in industry: how can digitalization help energy optimization?

In the industrial sector, compressed air uses 5 to 10% of electricity consumption. This is true for almost all industrial sectors: steel, glass or cement production, food processing etc. So it is a go [...]


Energy Efficiency

[Interview] Understanding the role of Data Science in industry

Today, Data Science plays a key role in transforming industrial energy data into operational resources to optimize process efficiency in terms of external and internal factors. An Artificial Intellige [...]


Energy Efficiency

Energy - Digitalization - Cogeneration

Digitalization in the food industry: how to optimize an energy cogeneration system

An Asian starch factory has optimized the operation of a boiler to power cogeneration turbines, designed to simultaneously produce electricity and steam from the same fuel. The digitalization of this [...]